Writing is something I love doing. It's a vehicle for exploring my imagination and telling compelling stories about mystery, courage, love, politics and war. I am currently working on my next series of books, which will range across most of the island of Feydwiir, so you will be able to experience more of the diversity of this fantasy locale while meeting friends both new and old.

The Aielund Saga is a 6-volume fantasy series by Stephen L. NowlandThe Aielund Saga is the first complete series set on the island of Feydwiir, and takes the reader on a 6-book journey throughout the Kingdom of Aielund and other nearby regions. You can access all of the books via the 'Books' menu above, as well as explore the atlas of Feydwiir itself (a work in progress).  By registering, you can access the Forum to discuss the story or ask questions.