Ruins of Legend, Book 3 of the Aielund Saga

tas book 3

5star "Wonderful books!" - Kindle Reviewer

Aspiring adventurers Aiden Wainwright and Pacian Savidge are tasked with tracking down an obscure relic, said to be capable of banishing the Kingdom's greatest enemy once and for all. But the two friends are at odds over Pacian's dire actions and their comrades are forced to choose sides as they scour the land for the lost artefact.


Along with their companions, both young men face challenges of such magnitude that the existence of entire cities is threatened. Only their valour and determination will see them through as they uncover ancient evils determined to assail their every move. Only when they stand at the brink of oblivion will the truth become clear, but do they possess the courage and strength to thwart the machinations of those that would seek their demise?

Epic Fantasy