The Akashic Throne, Book 6 of the Aielund Saga

tas book 6 

5star "An epic ending to a truly epic saga." - Kindle Reviewer

Throughout history, kingdoms have fallen and entire cities have been destroyed under mysterious circumstances, all traces of their existence burned away. Good men are turned into villains, starting wars for seemingly unthinkable reasons. What if you learned these events were not random, and were in fact perpetrated by very real, very tangible tyrants living just beyond the sight of mortals? What if you had a singular opportunity to strike back at these monsters, even if it might cost you your life. Would you take it?


This is the question posed to Aiden Wainwright, former lord of Aielund. Through his actions and those of his companions, he has brought about an uneasy peace in the region, but at a price none of them anticipated. Yet beyond the petty powerplays of kings and men lie the puppet masters, watching and manipulating events from behind the scenes, pitting kingdoms against one another for malevolent reasons known only to them.


Aiden, wearied from conflict and seeking a more peaceful life, must chose whether to walk away from the only chance at bringing justice to these monsters, or to take up arms for one final battle against an enemy beyond anything he has ever before experienced. 

Epic Fantasy