Are you ready for a brand new roleplaying system that draws the best elements experienced via other systems over the past 20 years, combines them with hard-core table playing experience, adds a good dollop of real-life applicability to the mechanics, keeps it simple and is great fun to play?


If so, then you're ready to take on Sabre. Designed by a team headed by fantasy author, Stephen L. Nowland, the system has been in development and testing for the past 3 years and is now ready for you to take to your fellow players.


Although there may still be 'placeholders' in the core rulebooks for illustrations (Stephen is also the artist on the project), the mechanics, explanatories and details are all complete - I'm sure Steve will get to the pretties once he's finished his next novel.


You can download a completely free basic version of the fantasy version rulebook from this website, and if you like what you see and want to get your teeth into it (which of course you will, because it's just soooo exciting to play), you can also download the premium (full) copies of the Rulebook, the Bestiary, the world Atlas and an entire game module, "The Inheritance" to try out on your players.


There's also a full set of character sheets included. And then if you really want to make life even easier creating your characters, you can also download a fully automated character generator for creating and maintaining characters. These are priced low to make them easily accessible.


Updates to the books are done either monthly or 3-monthly, depending on the book, and the character generator is updated at the same time as the Rulebook each time, so the talents, spells, tactics, skills and other elements are always in sync with the rulebook.


This is currently in development and will be playable for both a future and modern campaigns. More on this later.