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This place is under (re)construction at the moment, but you can click on one of the images to check out the available kindle e-books! 

The links now lead to my old amazon pages, as the books have been moved back over there after Steelsage Press shut down.

On the plus side, book 6 is now up and running!


The Aielund Saga


Soldiers of Winter: Aielund Saga Prequel by [Nowland, Stephen]      Soldiers of Avarice: Aielund Saga book 1 by [Nowland, Stephen]      Soldiers of the Crown: Aielund Saga book 2 by [Nowland, Stephen]


Soldiers of Ruin: Aielund Saga book 3 by [Nowland, Stephen]      Soldiers of Legend: Aielund Saga book 4 by [Nowland, Stephen]      Soldiers of Tyranny: Aielund Saga book 5 by [Nowland, Stephen]      book6


The Ballard Trilogy


 book1      book2      book3