The Aielund Saga
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Dante Colt
Rude, crude, and lacking any understanding of the word 'subtlety', Dante is a constant source of trouble for his commanders in the Royal Ranger Corp, a division of the Aielund Military. On more than one occasion he has questioned decisions from his commanders and been reprimanded. However, such behaviour is tolerated because of his natural skill as a warrior - when your back is to the wall, there's no-one else you'd rather have by your side.

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Fighter
Preferred weapon: Greatsword
Secondary Weapon: Longbow
Preferred armour: Medium
Spellcasting ability: None
Role: Frontline melee

Possessing celestial blood in her ancestry, Nellise has an almost inhuman beauty in addition to her great intuition. Although trained in combat arts, Nellise is a gentle person by nature and prefers to be helping people rather than killing them. As a cleric, she is more than willing to defend her country however, and will not hesitate to engage enemies of her beloved kingdom in battle. There is little doubt that one day she will rise to a position of authority within the Church of Aielund, but until that day comes she will be welcomed by those in need throughout the land.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Cleric
Preferred weapon: Heavy Crossbow
Secondary Weapon: Mace
Preferred armour: Heavy
Spellcasting ability: Healing/buffing
Role: Support/tank