The Aielund Saga
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act 1

"With the city of Fairloch safe for the time being, and the Royal family secure at last, you turn your attention now to the West, to King Seamus and the Aielund military in it's struggle to defeat the Ironlord. All seems to be going to plan, until the ancient monster breaks free of it's century-old prison and embarks upon a single-minded quest for domination of the land. With the countryside awash with creatures of all kinds seeking to flee the coming onslaught, you and your companions must stave off hordes of monsters, confront old enemies, and search for relics from the distant past, all the while seeking allies to aid in the final clash against the Ironlord. But before you confront it, you must learn the answer to a question of singular importance: How do you kill that which cannot be killed?"

Players: 1-6
Character starting level: 16th to 19th
Character finishing level: 21st or 23rd, less with more players.
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