The Aielund Saga
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Although well into his sixth decade of life, Sir William is still vital and healthy, and more than willing to serve the crown. As a knight of the realm, he spent his entire life ready to protect the Kingdom, during a time when peace reigned across the land. Now that war has reared it's ugly head once more, he was all ready to follow his King into battle, but was told he was too old to join the campaign. Sir William now waits around in Fairloch, frustrated that his only chance to show his worth to the King is passing him by.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Paladin
Preferred weapon: Longsword
Secondary Weapon: Longbow
Preferred armour: Heavy
Spellcasting ability: Secondary healer
Role: Frontline melee

Known throughout the barbarian lands to the south, Valennia is a proud warrior who has seen a great deal of combat in her 20 years of life. But now she wishes to see the lands of civilised folk and learn more of the world. What she has seen so far has not made much of an impression on her, however. She views the cities of Aielund with disdain, seeing the people as weak and soft. Although not stupid, Valennia's naivete can cause others to underestimate her, a fatal mistake at the hands of this sometimes vicious savage.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Barbarian
Preferred weapon: Greatsword
Secondary Weapon: Longbow
Preferred armour: Medium
Spellcasting ability: None
Role: Frontline melee

Born and raised in the forest of Feybourne, Maggie has learned to respect nature, and the place of sentient creatures (such as mankind) in the grand scheme of things. Although still young, this halfling cleric strives to promote peaceful solutions to the environmental problems that arise, such as logging. As such, she has made an enemy of every druid who believes that men have no place within the world, and that nature must be allowed to reclaim all lands for itself. Fiesty and determined, Maggie stands against them, and works closely with anyone who strives for peace.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Druid
Preferred weapon: Dagger
Secondary Weapon: Sling
Preferred armour: Medium
Spellcasting ability: Healing/combat
Role: Support/healer

Having served a tour of duty aboard His Majesty's Ship Redoubtable, Ronan was all set to launch himself fully into his new naval career. But this man has a dark past that he cannot escape so easily, and as the events in Fairloch unfold, he may hold the key to saving many lives. Ronan's laconic style helps to disguise his shrewd intellect, and many of his enemies have underestimated him because of this. It is likely that many people still have scores to settle with Ronan, making these times even more dangerous for the wiley rogue.

Alignment: Neutral
Class: Rogue
Preferred weapon: Shortsword
Secondary Weapon: Shortbow
Preferred armour: Light
Spellcasting ability: Magical devices
Role: Combat support