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System Update

Current Projects: Sabre 2nd Edition

February 27th, 2020: Still working on the premium fantasy manual before making the cut-down basic edition. I have some edits (yes I have an editor this time!) coming in this weekend so I want to integrate those before branching off into the basic manual, so it'll be ready for release in the first week of March. One of the major benefits to this whole process has been fixing errors and updating all of the data throughout - developing the system over the years has left anachronistic info here and there, which is all being updated or removed for a much cleaner read! I'm really excited to get this out there!

The Sabre Role-Playing Game is a tabletop gaming experience, designed to play quickly and smoothly without sacrificing too much detail or realism, with a particular emphasis on flexibility for improvised stories and (often unpredictable) player actions. It's simple to learn, yet provides robust tactical depth and role-playing support without bogging down the system in complex rules.  

* Class-less system that lets you build the character you want.
* Level-less approach to advancement provides vast scope for character improvement.
* A d100 skill system partly based on the Runequest 6th edition rules.
* Easy to use, advance-as-you-play skill raising system.
* Choose from hundreds of Talents to improve your character's abilities.
* Channel their inner Spirit into over 50 combat and non-combat manoeuvres.
* 10 unique fields of magic to choose from in the Fantasy edition, from wizardry and sorcery to divine and artifice magic.
* Play one of 13 different fantasy races, with old favourites plus some unique to Sabre.
* Combine 4 armour locations to produce a single Armour Point value.
* Equip your character with anything from swords and bows to black powder weapons.
* Battle against nearly 100 monsters from the Sabre Bestiary, including fabled creatures of mythology and some unique challenges.
* Try out the new Scifi edition of the Sabre rules with modern weapons and equipment, an invention system, vehicle combat and yes, starships!