I may not blog as often as I should, but rest assured I'm always working on things behind the scenes. Just when I think I've nailed down the system rules, a new, easier way of doing things pops into my head. Such is the case now, where I've streamlined a couple of clunky mechanics  involving special tactical abilities, and applied a new method which opens up a lot of new possibilities. This development happened while working with the scifi version of the system, which I have to say is awesome. That's getting closer to release as well, possibly in the next week or two.

In addition to this, I've refined the character sheet at the back of the manual to be more spacious, more asthetically pleasing and easier to use, with only the most important information present on the front page. It's a big improvement, which leads me to the next work-in-progress: the character generator.

The excel version we've been using isn't going to be able to cut it long-term, so I'm working with a programmer to put together an online HTML version with full automation, to make creating and maintaining characters easier. It's coming along nicely, with the database construction basically complete and the program itself slowly but surely coming together. It'll probably be a moth or two before its ready for public use (I want to do lots of in-house testing first) but it promises to really open up the system.

In the meantime, the new basic and premium editions of the fantasy system have been uploaded, and the excel generator removed as it's no longer up-to-date with the current system. The bestiary will be up in the next few days, as I need to go over it to bring it in line with the new version. More to come in the next few weeks!