The Aielund Saga
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5e custom classes

Customised character professions for the world of Feydwiir for the D&D system.
After taking a break for a few months, I've gotten back into playing and modding.
The fusilier is the 1st to be updated to the last playtest packet, and others will follow in time.

Alchemist (17/8/2013)
Combining fringe science with magic, the alchemist is able to concoct explosive devices, augment his physical abilities and mutate into a powerful hulking combatant.

Inquisitor (11/8/2013)
The watchmen of the faith, inquisitors travel the land seeking out heresy and delivering judgement upon the unjust.


An amalgam of druid, cleric and mage, the Shaman summons the aid of her ancestors to strengthen allies and cripple her enemies in battle.

ascetic Ascetic
Walking the difficult road to redemption, the disciplined Ascetic utilizes vast internal discipline and faith to take the fight to the unjust.

Kensai (11/8/2013)
A monk who focuses on a single weapon style, the kensai is a disciplined warrior unmatched in speed and agility.


Sorcerer (11/8/2013)
Imbued with tremendous arcane might, the more the sorcerer taps into their innate talents, the more their bloodline traits come to the surface, transforming them into an avatar of power.


Combining the martial prowess of a fighter with the magical abilities of a wizard, this class is more than the sum of its parts.


Fusilier (Nov/16/2013)
Armed with the latest weapons, fusiliers are experts with all kinds of firearms, bringing the roaring thunder of the gun to the battlefield.

The author reserves the right to be recognised as the creator of this work,
except for the images, which are from an internet search.
Many thanks to the creators of these images, they help make my ideas come alive!