The Aielund Saga
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The Archipelago of Ainfirth

A collection of over thirty small islands off the southern coast of Feydwiir, populated by a reclusive offshoot of the raelani and a smattering of other races left over from the Coranite occupation decades before.



The Hocarum Desert

Also called 'The Burned Lands', this unnatural desert can only support life on its fringes, and some areas are cursed, slowly killing those that wander into them.



The Kingdom of Aielund

The largest single kingdom on the island, and the most politically stable. Protected from southern incursions by the Hocarum desert.



The Kingdom of Llangward'n

The hardy mountain folk of these highlands have resisted all attempts to remove them by the imperial forces to their south.


The Kingdom of Clydach

A wet, swampy place that is populated by hardy forest dwellers, and other less hospitable denizens.


The Free State of Lyden

The first democratic state in Feydwiir, the only thing holding this country together is the threat from Corain next door.


The Grand Duchy of Corain

Land taken from the Holy Ramidian Empire during the Coranite invasion a century ago, the Coranites are industrially advanced peoples.


The Holy Ramidian Empire

This empire used to cover the entire southern region of Feydwiir, but with the Coranite invasion a century ago, has fragmented into separate warring kingdoms.

The Rael Islands & Arebec

The Rael islands are home to the halfling peoples, commonly called 'Raelani' or 'Raelish'. The elves populate the forests of Arebec.



The Kingdom of Tulsone

An obstinant and arrogant Kingdom, Tulsone is frequently a thorn in the side of its neighboring kingdoms as the Tulsonites try to expand their borders.


Map images and names are copyright by Stephen L. Nowland, May 9, 2013
The author reserves the right to be recognised as the creator of this work.