The Aielund Saga
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Custom races of Feydwiir

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Nether Elf

Nether elves are underground-dwelling cousins of the forest people. They have abandoned art, music and culture in favour of learning to live and survive in their dangerous environment.


Dwarven underground kingdoms tend to be in close proximity to human lands, and people of mixed heritage are not uncommon. Half dwarves tend to look like shorter, stockier humans.


Elflings are a rare cross between elves and raelani, a curious mix that produces beautiful, agile offspring that are naturally double-jointed.

Fire Dwarf

The dwarves of Stonegaard and Aurumgaard were pioneers of firearm weaponry in Feydwiir, and many of them devoted all their time and effort to mastering their creation.


Descended from the fey creatures of the forest, the raelani were divided in half by monumental events in central Feydwiir thousands of years ago, resulting in two very different modern cultures.


Usually the offspring of a male ogre and a female human, half-ogres are thuggish, brutal creatures that often lack the intellectual capacity to formulate complex thoughts (with a rare exception).

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