Hello, I hope you've enjoyed the holiday season. I had expected to have the basic edition of Sabre online by now but Things™ happened, including said holidays. The good news is development continued over the last month, albeit at a slower pace. I ran a few games with my team and tweaked a few of the rules a tiny bit more, and I'm developing a few more adventure modules for use with the system. 

I'm really hoping to have the basic edition online within the next week or two, and now that my schedule is looking clear, I think it'll actually happen! 

Currently, I'm working on filling out the entries for the bestiary which should be done over the next couple of weeks, and then I'll be working on the atlas and the artwork. This week I'll be starting work on the cover art for both manuals, which will be the biggest, most elaborate digital art I've attempted yet. Thank god for the 'undo' function ;)

So the plan is to have these manuals available for purchase as part of a six-month subscription, during which time development will continue, adding art, fixing errors, balancing rules and adding new content every month for what I think will be $5. Some things will have a flat purchase cost, such as the excel-based advanced character generator, and individual story modules. I'm thinking $2 each - that's a lot of entertainment for two dollars folks!

This brings up an important design aspect to the system - I have no intentions of releasing add-on manuals and bloating the system out across many rulebooks. Changes and additions will simply be added to the main pdf. Later in the year I might consider creating a print version of the manual as it stands, but it'll be out of date within weeks of release. Nevertheless, if there is demand for a print copy, I'll make it happen! This will be after I have finsihed adding artwork to the main manual of course. The bestiary, with its copious artwork, will take much longer.

More to come when the system is finally online. Stay tuned!