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December Update Patch Notes

v2.19 Patch Notes


* Re-added the missing 'lockpicking' and 'leadership' skills (oops!)

* Fixed the description and link for 'Alchemical Mastery'.

* Corrected instances of 'aging' to 'ageing'.

* 'Comeliness Potion' description now shows its correct details.

* The 'Disease & Poison' section is now just 'Poison' and it's link to the poison crafting section now correctly takes you to the herbalist skill.

* Ingredients for Energy and Spirit tonics have been switched (they were around the wrong way).

* Daggers now correctly have an ENC of 1 (they're also the standard measurement for Encumbrance for size and weight).

* Cleared up the use of weapons with the 'Set' trait. Non 'Set' weapons cannot be used to counterattack a charging opponent.

* Corrected the text and range on the 'Freeze' sorcery spell.

* 'Sunder weapon' melee manoevure now correctly requires a weapon larger than Medium, not smaller.

* Clarified the language on the 'Lacerator' artificer spell.



* Revised the Herbalism gathering system, which now lets you choose what you want to find and make one roll to cover up to 8 hours of searching.

* Revised the text for crafting poisons under 'Herbalism' which should clear things up.

* Revised the Prospecting skill system in the same way.

* Revised the effects of the Universal Tincture.

* Modified the bonus and skillset for 'City Watch Runner' background. 

* Psionic's 'Meditation' ability no longer grants +2 to maximum spirit points, but you do not need to speak to cast spells. 

* The 'Monastery Orphan' background no longer grants +1 to maximum spirit points - bonus changed to 'you have all three resistance skills'.

* Psionic 'Deflect Missiles' spell now has a range of 1m radius.

* 'Kick' Unarmed manoevure now deals +2 damage in addition to its current push-back effect.

* The Common Tongue is now the standard language for human characters.

* Mentioned in the language skill description that characters with less than 25% in a language are illiterate.

* Altered the text on 'Crossfire' combat talent to make it function more like 'Blindside'.

* Increased healing amount of the Healing Tincture to 1d6. 

* Removed 'Healing potion' and 'Healing Salve' Alchemy spells and combined them into a new 'Healing Energy' spell which simply grants +4 extra Hit Points healed by the targeted poultice or tincture.

* Reduced the cost of some material units for making constructs.

* All spells capable of producing light can now have their brightness adjusted as desired, and all of them (except the Daylight spell) have their effective light radius set to 3 metres.

* Revised the text for 'Unstoppable force' sorcery spell.

* Revised 'Called Shot' melee manoeuvre, 'Selective Aim' pistol manoeuvre and 'Cunning Blow' Unarmed manoeuvre.

* Artificers now control a basic construct by spending a Reaction Point rather than losing an entire action.

* 'Benevolent Spirit' & 'Regeneration Totem' Shamanic spell has been modified.



* Added 'Psi Academy' Psionic background.

* Added' Healing Bomb' alchemy spell.

* Added a new exotic race - 'Corvid'.

* Added 'Imitate Sound' Corvid general talent.

* Added 'Tiny Warrior' combat talent.

* Added 'Control Movement' combat talent.

* Added 'Heavy Blow' melee manoeuvre.

* Added 'Hurl Weapon' melee manoevure.

* Added 'Stronger Parry' melee manoevure.

* Added 'Deep Wound' melee manoeuvre.

* Added 'Disarm opponent' melee manoeuvre.

* Added 'Quick Parry' melee manoeuvre.