The Aielund Saga
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The Ainfirth Archipelago

            The Ainfirths, as they are referred to, are a series of thirty-six islands of varying sizes that exist off the southeast coast of Feydwiir. The waters immediately surrounding these islands are quite shallow, and unsuitable for large ships. The original population of the islands is the gnomes, though a variety of races exist in small numbers throughout the archipelago. The Ainfirths, however, represent the last significant population of the elusive gnomes in all of Feydwiir.           
            The islands themselves are mostly covered in dense forest, though some areas have been cleared, and the wood used to build the small skiffs the gnomes use to travel around the archipelago. Beasts and animals of all kinds populate the smaller islands, and have learned to swim between them at low tide in order to continue foraging.


Images and names are copyright by Stephen L. Nowland, May 9, 2013
The author reserves the right to be recognised as the creator of this work.