The Aielund Saga
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The Grand Duchy of Corain

A vast invasion force from across the sea arrived on the shores of Feydwiir a hundred and eighty years ago, carrying with it a disciplined and industrious force of soldiers. They attacked the south-eastern edge of the Ramidian Empire, shattering the already rotten country and providing enough of a diversion for the neighbouring states held under the rule of Ramidia to break free and reclaim their ancient sovereignty.
            A large chunk of territory was seized in the initial confusion, but in spite of this, the Coranites met fierce resistance from a brilliant general, who held off the invasion for two decades with only minor losses in territory. An armistice was called over two decades after the invasion as both sides were depleted and starving. This held for nearly a decade before nationalists on both sides of the fight began a limited border war that continues to this day.
            Corain maintains an uneasy truce with the other neighbouring kingdoms, and although skirmishes do occur, the powers that be understand the urgency of trade with the surrounding lands.



Images and names are copyright by Stephen L. Nowland, May 9, 2013
The author reserves the right to be recognised as the creator of this work.