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March 2020 devblog

The premium fantasy manual of Sabre 2e is out, and I think it's about time I updated everyone with a blog about what's happening with the other manuals! 


It's been somewhere around 6 months to get to this point, and the fantasy system is chugging along nicely. My local group wants to switch from scifi to fantasy, so my next campaign is going to be just that, though I might have to learn how to use Roll20 given the situation around the world at the moment! The core mechanics are much more alilgned between the scifi and fantasy systems, so they integrate even better than they used to.

What I'm working on next is the Bestiary, which I've really only just started on, but the good news is the job basically entails redoing all the template data, but keeping the format for the most part. I'll be getting a few more pieces of art done for it too, though I've spent my limited art budget on stock images to spruce up the core rulebook so there won't be a lot just yet. Still, that project is ongoing and one of these days, I'll have all of those images done!

We've had great success with the random looting table system I developed for the Scifi game, so I'll be making a version of that for the fantasy system too, so you can look forward to that as well. 

Then I'll be looking at making a new intro module for the fantasy system, to show off how the new mechanics work. They're not too difficult to be honest, and have actually been designed to be smoother and more refined than the old version, so they're not hard to learn. That was the whole point of this 2nd edition exercise, to streamline the playing of the game and help newer plays wrap their heads around it all. 


Technically, the scifi core rulebook is ready to go, as that was the primary development system we've been using for the last four months. I just want to go over it a little more and check a few things before I release it, so that should be online next week. The Encounters manual needs the same treatment as the Bestiary though, so I've got plenty of template making in my future (that'll certainly keep me indoors!)

I'll be making a new intro module for Scifi too, and I think for both modules I want to make them longer and with a heavier story element. I had made those original ones to just demonstrate mechanics, but I think they're a bit dry and having a better story will make them more engrossing in general, so I'll put on my writer's hat when the time comes and make something interesting ;)

So, a timeline of releases: 

Scifi Core Rulebook: The week of the 24th of March.

Fantasy Bestiary: 2nd week of April.

Scifi Encounters manual: 1st week of May (possibly sooner, we'll see how it goes).

Fantasy Intro Module: 3rd week of May.

Scifi Intro Module: 1st week of June. 

All of these times are just estimates of course! Subject to change, and of course I like to avoid punishing deadlines to give myself creative freedom, so I sometimes get the work done much sooner than expected.

Oh, and we have a Discord server now too, in case anyone has questions about the system etc. :)

That's about it for now, I'll go back to posting a new blog every month around the 20th, as usual. Stay safe, stay well, and look upon this time as an opportunity for some gaming, even if it has to be done remotely! Peace.